Letter from Tim Chase, Chairman of the Whitefield Bicentennial Committee:

“We are just around the corner from Whitefield's 200th birthday. After 1807, when Jefferson became incorporated, the people living in Ballstown Plantation decided to become incorporated as a town and thus on June 19, 1809 the town of Whitefield came into existence. In 1909 Whitefield had a huge celebration on its 100th birthday. In 1959 for the 150th there was another three-day celebration and in 1984 there was a summer-long celebration for the 175th.

“Now we are planning for another fun filled birthday party. The plan is to have events take place all year long with different organizations hosting various events. We’d love to have your ideas, talents, time, and help to make this milestone birthday a celebration to remember.

“In 1959 there was a time capsule placed inside the school that will be opened in 2009. Wouldn’t you like to be there to see what our ancestors wanted us to remember? Or how about helping to plan for an old-fashioned town-wide family picnic?

If you would like to serve on a committee and help plan for this, please call the town office at 549-5175, leave your name and number and I will contact you. Thank you.”

•Loan articles to the Historic Society for a display on the bicentennial

•Help sew squares for the Bicentennial Quilt

•Use our computer to help us enter archived items

•and help with on-going projects:

Documentation of historic homes in Whitefield, cemetery restoration, East River Road book re publication, archiving, transcription of old Whitefield town records, and more…

Hope to see you at our monthly meetings (the first Wednesday of the month, 7 pm at the Townhouse) and

Don’t forget our Memorial Day Exercises on Monday, May 28, 2007.