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Whitefield, Maine is bordered by our state's capitol city of  Augusta and the towns of Windsor, Chelsea and Pittston in Kennebec county, and  Jefferson and Alna, in Lincoln County. There are 29,856 acres of land, 269 acres of water, 38 acres of bog and swamp totaling 30,125 acres. It is located in the North Western corner of Lincoln county and borders Kennebec County on the North and West. 

The town is served by two major watersheds - the Sheepscot and the Kennebec rivers.

maps and views of WHITEFIELD:

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* Here are a wonderful series of maps showing many of Whitefield's characteristics  *

* This is the first map of all roads in Whitefield *

* This is the CURRENT updated map of all roads in Whitefield *

* Here are links to Whitefield's earliest maps *

* Here is a link to an old 1893 TOPOGRAPHIC MAP of our town. *

* This is a link to a world war II era 1944 TOPOGRAPHIC MAP of Whitefield. *

* The more recent 1957 TOPOGRAPHIC MAP of our area can be seen at this site. *

* What the Noaa weather satellite sees over Whitefield (and the Eastern US) right now *


** The Drives of Whitefield: THE ROADS, LANES, STREET, AVENUES, COURTS, CIRCLES AND BOULEVARDS OF our town - their history and data.

* This link will show up-to-the-hour water flow at Grand Army bridge at North Whitefield. It also has an interesting and informative history of our Sheepscot river's flow over the decades. *

* Whitefield road addresses can be searched at our E-911 site. *

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