The capitol city of Uruguay is located on country's southern edge - on the Rio De Plata - 52 miles across this widest river from Buenos Aires . We take the Buquebus (literally "ship bus"- the high speed ferry ) from  Argentina's capitol and arrive in Uruguay 2 1/2 hours later. 


We are met by Marcelo and his sons Emiliano (Emi) and Ignacio (Nacho). Bettina is at work. She is an executive secretary for Unilever Corporation. We will also soon meet Sol, their friendly and pregnant Yellow Lab.

Sol and Dave
photo by Emi

Bettina and Marcelo's home is in a modern 8 story brick building that Marcelo and a group of other doctors built. There is a convenient parking garage and storage in the basement, and a spacious community room and outside entertainment area where large parties and small soccer games are held by the dwellers and their friends.

Interestingly, in this modern, relatively wealthy city are still found traditional services from the 19th century. Men with
their horse drawn wagons collect the more choice recyclable items placed in the street side, elevated wire baskets.

A man with a traditional mouth whistle calls housewives to the curb to sharpen their cutlery on his bicycle wheel driven grinder. Marcelo says the city recently made a plea for the citizens to support these valuable and historic services.

There are 17 three bedroom apartments with lovely decks overlooking the quiet street. It is a short walk to one of the city's long crescent beaches on the Rio Plata. Sections of this waterfront remind us of Miami Beach.

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