When Marcelo, the boys and I went to get horses for a ride on the dunes, one of the gauchos climbed up to see where the returning steeds were. I made this image of him and superimposed the name of the town. 

Our exotic, yet restful two week vacation with Marcelo's family is spent here is a beach house on the dunes next to one of the long playas (say-"plaaa sha" = beach ) of this small town. The cottage has three bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths and a useful "parrilla" (say -parrrrrisha) (rolling those r's) - this is a much more efficient version of our barbeque. Here the South Americans cook their famous foods - A hardwood fire is built in a vertical rack and when the glowing coals drop they are  scraped under the grill holding the food. This provides a slow, flame free roasting place. Below we see Marcelo as he uses the tool. The result:  fantastic foods !!

Punta Del Diablo is literally translated into "point of the devil". Bettina reports that she read it is named because, from the air there are three prominent points of ledges projecting into the South Atlantic (creating the wonderful long crescent beaches between) - these points would represent the three points of the "trident" that is sometimes seen on Lucifer's tail or held in his hand like Neptune.

This tiny (317 pop.) fishing village, supports a large summer (Jan, Feb & March) population. To the South where the towns expansion continues, the ever moving sand dunes are growing and encroaching on existing buildings. However, with Punta Del Este to the south, already a world class port and expensive beach resort, the pressure is on for the still affordable and relatively untouched Punta Del Diablo, despite natures persistence in reclaiming its territory.

Another thing that intrigues me is the variations in seashell design as contrasted with those I had seen and collected in our northern hemisphere. On the beaches here we found a shell (A) with an elaborate edge and band of repeating incised design that was so reminiscent of the decorations on Indian ceramics that I first thought it decorated by our species ....Indeed, after repeated searches of the beach we were unable to find another like it....
(B) is representative of the wonderful earth colors that we found and that are uncommon in our northern shells. Mahogany, amber and rich cinnamon colored shells abound.
(C) is an example of the variation in perforations. I am used to the single circular holes of the parasitic invaders - here the intruders are more apt to leave a pleasing design...

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