the current mainething
getting Mainer's to understand the
importance of :
Maine's Energy Potential
and how multinational companies lust
to take advantage of our historic complacency when it comes to
our environment and its potential to be abused.
CMP-Avangrid is
ONLY interested in Maine's power infrastructure.
It's transmission lines and facilities - that will position itself to take advantage of our tremendous wind, solar and tide potential to sell to the northeast market !
Without it they have NO interest in us as consumers, as they have clearly shown !!!
Don't Forget
That these are the same outfits
that tore through our wilderness, clogged our courts and strong armed our lawmakers and regulators ... all in the name of
grasp every opportunity you get to
hold them accountable
prepare for Main's upcoming micro-grids !!!

Always remember:
It's our sun
it's our wind
it's our tides

NOT   CMP/ Avangrid's

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