1869 M-E Church dedicated – image ca 1900 – Meddybemps Lake in background

1869 October 4 – Saxby Gale

S. M. Saxby of the Royal Navy predicted that a major storm would hit our border area at noon on October fifth. Few, if any, heard his prediction before radio. But the storm hit after dark and must have caused fear and confusion. The Machias Union of October 12, 1869 gave a rather unemotional report of damage and many area towns. Nine barns were smashed or unroofed in Crawford, six barns on East Ridge of Cooper were blown down, and nine barns in Wesley were severely damaged.

In Alexander barns belonging to Solomon Strout, jr, Claudius Huff, Joseph Godfrey, James Perkins, Widow Mahitable Little, Isaac Craft, Thomas Carter, James Fenlason, Taylor Palmer and Elisha Perkins were all badly damaged or destroyed. Reuben Keene, Jonathan Taylor and Elisha Perkins each had great damage to their homes.

One family’s experience is told here. Sam Vance and other men in his Breakneck neighborhood of Cooper were off on the woods working. His wife Amelia [Bonney] Vance and daughters six year old Susie and two year old Jennie were at home. Also in the house was Hannah Sprague, a sixty-year-old woman who was ‘on the town’. The cattle wouldn’t come into the barn that night and a fierce wind was coming up. In the fading light Amelia saw trees being toppled and she feared the house would be next. They left their home and ran to the scant shelter on an uprooted tree. There the four huddled in the dark as the wind screamed around them. They heard a crash and pictured in their minds that their home was demolished. Morning twilight revealed the house still standing, but the barn smashed, and the cattle awaiting their mistress.

This story was told by Susie Vance Frost to her granddaughter Melva Clarke Keen who passed it on to A-CHS. Austin Gray copied the material from the Machias Union. The account was published in the February 1998 issue of the A-CHS Newsletter

Don Perkins wrote a good description in The Barns of Maine about the construction of barns. Most were post and beam construction with mortis and pinion joints and held together by pegs. I expect that most barns had their front doors open and that the wind blew them over or ripped off the roofs. Jasper Bailey’s barn, pictured on page 130, may have suffered its damaged roof on October 4, 1865. Houses were also post and beam, but lacked the big open door under the eves.

1870 census = 456 people in 76 families

1875 265 head of sheep and 382 head of cattle in Alexander according to the Assessors Record

1880 census = 349



Following is an alphabetical list of the names that appear on the 1881 map and on the 1880 census. An asterisk before the name indicates it is found only on one source. The road addresses are based on E-911, created in 1997. The 1880 Tax Assessors book was used to locate some residents on the 1808 Lot Plan of Alexander. See articles under COMMUNITY LIFE – neighborhoods for details on Breakneck. This list was prepared by John Dudley - 2013

Averill, F. – Frank and his grandmother Sarah Averill - Lot 55 or 56 at 1605 Airline Road

Bailey, I. – Isaiah Bailey - Lot 56 at 1587 Airline

Bailey, N. – Nathaniel Bridges Bailey - Lot 75 at 2020 Airline

Bailey, S. – Simeon Bailey - Lot 79 at 107 Cooper Road

Bailey, W. – James Bailey - Lot 35 on Robb Hill Road

Berry, A. K. – Albion K Berry - Lot 125 at 290 Flat Road

*Berry Cordelia, widow of Samuel – Lot 72 about 1/3 mile south of Airline Road, not on map

Berry, H. - Hiram Berry PO - Lot 81 at 92 Cooper Road

Billings T. - Freeman Billings - Lot 10

Blaney, T. – Thomas Blaney, Jr, Young Tom - Lot 46 at 151 South Princeton Road

Blaney, Thos. – Thomas Blaney - Lot 28 at 104 Pokey Road

Bohanon, J. A. – Jones Ananiah Bohanon - Lot 45 at 132 South Princeton Road

Bohanon, G. W. – George Washington Bohanon - Lot 78 at 159 Arm Road

Brown, J. – Joel K. Brown – Lot 71 at 107 Flat Road

Brown M. – Michael Brown - Lot 82 at 38 Fred Brown Lane

Brown, Mrs. – Mrs. Robert Clark Brown, he was out west - Lot 68 at 1409 Airline Road

Brown, W. - William H. Brown Lot 81 at 87 Spearin Road

B. S. S. – Benjamin A. Strout’s Black Smith Shop - Lot 69 at 1329 Airline Road

*Card, Charles with his wife and ten children and mother-in-law are on the 1880 census. They likely were living on Breakneck. See Charles Hazen Card under IN DEFENCE OF OUR COUNTRY

Carlo, W. - Walter Carlow - Lot 91 on Crawford Road

Carter, T. – Thomas Carter - Lot 127 likely at 107 Nellie Berry Road

Cem. – Alexander Cemetery - Lot 60 at 1075 Airline Road

Connick, L. – Levi Connick - Lot 106 at 750 Cooper Road

Cottel, S. P. – Shepherd & Joseph McLean - Lot 69 at 73 Cooper Road

*Cottel, Stephen in same house as Edward McLean. Was he Shepherd Cottel?

*Cotter, Patrick – resided on Lot 97, Breakneck, but not on map

Crafts, H. A. – Hiram A. Crafts - Lot 88 at 51 Arm Road

Davis, G. – Gordon Davis - Lot 83 at 260 Spearin Road – Davis rented this house that still stands

Dwelley, J. W. – John Willard Dwelley - Lot 94 at 458 Cooper Road

Ellsworth, T. – Joseph Ellsworth - Lot 70 at about Ό mile south of 1260 Airline Road

Flood, W. – Wesley Flood widower - Lot 112 at 806 Cooper Road

Foley, Mrs. – Johanna Foley, widow of James - Lot 97 on Breakneck

Frost, S. D. – Stephen Decatur Frost - Lot 66 at 1644 Airline Road

Frost, T. – Thomas Bean Frost - Lot 67 at 1516 Airline Road, house still stands

Gillespie, W. – William Gillespie - Lot 98 at 589 Cooper Road

*Gillespie. William, Jr. – Lot 97 on Breakneck, maybe at his father’s place there, not on map

Glovering, S. – Stephen Loverin, son of Joseph - Lot 53 on Robb Hill Road

Godfrey, J. – Joseph Godfrey - Lot 85 at 329 Arm Road

Granger, J. Est. – Joseph Granger was a Calais Lawyer, When he died he owned three farms on lot 97 (Breakneck) and one on the Damon Set-off at 14 Green Hill Road

Griffin, H. – Hugh Griffin - Lot 36 at 24 Pokey Road

Henderson. J. – Levi Henderson - Lot 88 at 353 Cooper Road

Higgins, A. – Andrew Higgins, a renter - Lot 89 at 133 Spearin Road about Ό mile south

Huff, C. M. – Claudius M. Huff - Lot 85 at 311 Arm Road

Hunnewell, A. – Andrew Hunnewell - Lot 37 at 295 South Princeton Road

Hunnewell, C. – Charles Sidney Hunnewell - Lot 45 at 205 South Princeton Road

Hunnewell, J. – Jonathan Hunnewell - Lot 37 at 246 South Princeton Road

Knight, S. P. – Stillman Knight, Paul on the census - Lot 127 north of Nellie Berry Place site on 127

Libby, O. H. – Oliver H. Libby - Lot 61 at 989 Airline Road

Little, A. – Andrew Little - Lot 90 at 225 Crawford Road

*Loverin – see Gloverin

Lyons, G. – Greenwood Lyons – Lot 58 at 32 Lyons Road

*Lyons, P. – Philmore Lyons - Lot 54 at 22 South Princeton Road Not on 1880 census

McLaughlin, J. – John McLaughlin - Lot 28 at 166 Pokey Road

McLean, E. – Edward McLean - Lot 80 Corner of Cooper and Tommy Long roads

McLean, J. – Joseph A. McLean & Shep Cottel - Lot 69 at 73 Cooper Road

McNally, J. - John McNally - Lot 97 on Breakneck See Moore

McPheters, J. A. – Joseph A. McPheters - Lot 65 at 1752 Airline Road

M. E. Ch. – Methodist – Episcopal Church - Lot 69 at 64 Cooper Road

*Moore, John – head of household in 1880 where McNally resided, Moore was son-in-law

Palmer, T, - Taylor Palmer - Lot 58 at 95 McArthur Road

Perkins, A. H. – Albion Hanford Perkins - Lot 69 at 1288 Airline Road

Perkins, E. – Elisha Perkins - Lot 67 at 1588 Airline Road

Perkins, J – Joseph Perkins – Lot 80 at 179 Cooper Road

Perkins J. J. – John James – Lot 68 at 1437 Airline Road, son Wesley paid the taxes and head of household in 1880 census.

Perkins, J. J. Jr. – John James Perkins Jr. – Lot 68 at 1461 Airline Road

*Perkins, Wesley – see John J. Perkins

P. O. - Post Office at Hiram Berry’s - Lot 81 at 92 Cooper Road

Robb, J. J. – Thomas J. Robb - Lot 25 on Robb Hill Road

Scribner, G. S. – George Stillman Smith Scribner - Lot 76 at 1886 Airline Road

Sears, J. – John Sears, a widower - Lot 92 at 63 Crawford Road

S. H. - SchoolHouse – Three schools are shown on this map. The Four Corners School (1719 Airline) and the Loverin District School on Robb Hill Road are gone. One still stands at 76 Cooper Road.

Sh. Mill – Shingle Mill owned by John Dwelley and operated by his family, located at the dam on Sixteenth Stream by his house.

Simmons, S. – Samuel Seamans - Lot 9 at 709 South Princeton Road

Spaulding, S. – Stephen Spaulding - Lot 77 at 225 Arm Road

Spearin, J. – Jefferson Spearin Lot 89 at 102 Tommy Long Road

Spearin, J. – Jeremiah Spearin Jr. - Lot 58 at 1283 Airline Road

Spearin, J. G. – John Gilmore Spearin - center part Lot 53 at 1627 Airline Road

Spearin, L. – Leander or Leonard Spearin, brothers - Lot 82 at 187 Spearin Road, their father’s place

Sprague, Mrs. – Martha E. Sprague, widow - Lot 83 at Flat Road, just south of the potato house. On the census we find Gordon Davis in her home.

Stephenson, E. – Elisha Stephenson - Lot 88 at 234 Cooper Road

Stephenson, J. – Jesse Stephenson, Jr. - Lot 98 at 3 Dwelleys Lake Road

Strout, B. A. – Benjamin Adams Strout - Lot 69 at 1329 Airline Road Lot 69?

Strout, Mrs. – Mrs. Mary Ann (Lane, Howe) Strout, widow of Solomon with their son Walter - Lot 66 at 1698 Airline Road

Strout, S. – Solomon Obidiah Strout Jr. - Lot 55 at 1689 Airline Road

Taylor, J. – Jonathan Taylor - Lot 9 at 766 South Princeton Road

Taylor, S. – Stillman Taylor - Lot 9 at 739 South Princeton Road, his father’s place

Thistlewood, J. K. – John Kendall Thistlewood – Lot 49 in woods beyond end of McArthur Road

Thistlewood, R. K. – Robert Kendall Thistlewood – Lot 78 off Old County Road

Tyler, B. W. – Belcher W. Tyler Lot 75 at 2081 Airline Road

Wallace, R. – Robert Wallace Gore Lot between Lot 90 and Crawford on the Crawford Road


1881 Eugene Hale of Ellsworth elected to U. S. House of Representatives. He served until 1911. Was Hale School in Alexander named for him? [see 1916]

1887 Airline stage ceases operation, a victim of steamboats

1889 Belcher Tyler died, he represented Alexander in the Maine House

..\history\grange.htm1889 Alexander Grange #304 POH organized

1890 census = 377

1893 The authority to operate school was transferred from the districts to the town

1895 554 head of sheep and 418 head of cattle 1900 census = 333 people in 74 families