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Material prepared by the Alexander Crawford Historical Society. To make comments, corrections or additions contact John Dudley at (207) 454-7476 or 216 Pokey Road, Alexander ME 04694

Most material on this site originally appeared in newsletters published by the society between 1980 and 2011. The A-CHS newsletters contain more information. Complete sets of the newsletters are located at:

Bangor Public Library (207) 947-8336

Calais Free Library (207) 454 -2758

Maine Historical Society - Brown Library (207) 774 -1822

Maine State Library (207) 287-5600

Princeton Library (207) 796-5333

University of Maine at Machias – Merrill Library (207) 255-1234

University of Maine -Orono- Fogler Library (207) 581-1110

Woodland Public Library (207) 427-3235


2014 update

* WHAT’S NEW IN 2014*

Under SYNOPSIS & INTRODUCTION, we have added an article on PLACE NAMES and a major TIMELINE WITH MAPS

Within COMMUNITY country – western music fans will find the story of JIM McCURDY in the section about artists. And we have another autograph book titled DEAR ELLA BELLE. This gives a picture of Alexander ca 1956. Also within the Community chapter we have the on-going story of our COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIP TRUST FUND. It includes names of the recipients and of those who have made the scholarship possible. The SPRAGUE CONNECTION appears here with the other families.

Who are these Men? features a wonderful image of men in the MAINE SIXTH BATTERY, LIGHT INFANTRY. One man is identified, who are the others? See this within IN DEFENSE OF OUR COUNTRY

All these new articles are in need of additions and corrections. Please send along either to John Dudley, 216 Pokey Road, Alexander ME 04694