Balltown or Ballstown was the original name given to the area now comprising Jefferson and Whitefield. Samuel Ball received a grant of land (190 acres) from the Kennebec Proprietors in 1777. When his grant was recorded at the registry, it was described as being in a place called "Ballstown." The area became official when it was organized as a territory in 1790. Ball lived in the vicinity of Hilton Road where Stephen Cunningham now lives, and operated a small lime kiln that can still be seen at the north end of Weary pond road just south of it intersection with Hilton.

When the town road names were updated for the 911 addressing, Balltown Lane was assigned to the lane from Townhouse Road past the Townhouse to the salt shed and to the new school parking area by the ball fields. 

Whitefield historian Linwood H. Lowden wrote a wonderful book titled "Ballstown - West 1768 - 1809 - an introduction to the history of the town of Whitefield, Maine". It was printed in 1985 and contains a large amount of data pertaining to the development of our town before it became Whitefield in 1809. The book is available from the State Library in Augusta. 287-5600  

Linwood also wrote "Good Land & Fine Contrey But Poor Roads, A History Of Windsor, Maine"

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