Although not as close a relative as we had once hoped, Captain Robert "Bob" Abram Bartlett is nevertheless within our family tree ! (On the right are clink links to videos telling of his adventures and honors. )

The first video is truly a stirring introduction to the great man and his awe inspiring achievements - No wonder we fantasize to have his DNA - who wouldn't !


Demystifying Bob Bartlett's relationship to us:
( he was one of 10 children and never married so there are no direct descendants.
A firm connection to our family has finally been accurately established. You can see the details in Eola's Genealogy now on line complete with pictures..

see "Index of Individuals"
& "Direct Relations"

My charts here illustrate each of our generations relationship to Captain Bob.

Not much more can be said here than what a simple search would reveal (over 11,000 hits ). There are also an amazing number of pictures

A presentation. David Chase 2015