Harry Nelson Atwood
yet another famous & infamous leaf
from John and Eola's family tree





Harry Nelson Atwood was born  November 15, 1883 in  Roxbury Boston. ( He is Gramp's 7th cousin once removed. ) He went to the Wright Brother's flight school taught by Orville Wright. After he soloed for 1 hour and 55 minutes he went on to become the head instructor at the William Starling Burgess Co. He was the first to fly over NYC and on a suggestion, flew to land at the White House to meet with President Taft. He flew the first bag of mail in New England. Atwood funded his flying activities with the sale of two different electric meter designs to General Electric.
Harry was married 5 times and had 7 children. He died July 14, 1967 in Murphy North Carolina at age 83.


" The  Life, Lies and Inventions of Harry Atwood "

by Howard Mansfield


What a title !...

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