Janet McBride wrote this reaction to this picture . There is an article on Janet McBride in our April '02 newsletter.:

I am holding hands with Clara Tibbitts.  My brother Dan is the front row, second boy who has freckles.  He has on a sweater and a big grin.  I am MS Pepsodent Smile and (rare) curls.  I believe George Carter is the boy who is behind and between Clara and I.  I am sure one boy must be Stanley Tibbitts but not at all sure which one.

I am so glad that you have this photo.  There are few photo's of us kids in that era.
I remember a newspaper coming to the school and took a photo of the 'scrap' that we/the students gathered for the War Drive.  I hope that one shows up sometime.  I
don't think it is in those shown on the site. 
I can't tell you how happy I was to see the photo. 
I have contacted my brother and his kids couldn't believe the photo.  My sister Joan was not there because she had already graduated and was going to Gardiner.